Last updated: Friday, 31st May 2013

Dear friends and friends-to-be,

This site is launched on 27th July 2012 to replace my personal blog (now and to use as a website for consolidating all my various aspects of life. You can scroll down to find out more about them and click through to visit those individual blogs and websites.

The word 'Retirement' is not found in my dictionary. As long as I am alive, this site, my blogs, Google+ and websites will also be "alive". I am able to do that because I personally conceptualised and set up them. And I am also managing all of them myself.

What I have now are:-

Personal Business
  • Google+ profiles: 6
  • Google+ pages: 14
  • Blogs: 5
  • Website: 1
  • Google+ pages: 5
  • Websites: 5 + 1

Why are there so many different G+ profiles, blogs and websites?
Most, if not all, of us have various interests, passions and pursuits. I am no different.

Generally, we are attracted to each other depending on common factors in those aspects. However, over the years of growing up, I found that most of us are not interested with every aspects of one another's life. Therefore, instead of sharing all my aspects of life in one (1) G+ profile, blog and website, I decided to segregate them. Hence, you can pick and choose those aspects that you are interested instead of being "flooded" with everything that I post which you may not be interested.

Of course, I can categorise my postings in one (1) blog or website. However, due to the wide difference between my various aspects of life, the site will lost its focus and theme if I had done that.

My various aspects of life
  1. Innotrepreneur
  2. Geek within
  3. Real.Pano.Techie
  4. Artistry
  5. Social
  6. Past Startup

My various aspects of life of Google+ Profiles and Pages
  1. Innotrepreneur (Mondarlezo)
  2. Geek within
  3. Real.Pano.Techie (iViewhouse)
  4. Artistry (Jaywin Chia Productions)
  5. Social
  6. Past Startup (i-Open-House)
All my Google+ Profiles and Pages.

Who am I?
I grew up as an ordinary male Singaporean, who is 43-years young of age in 2012. I am ethnically Chinese and I am living in Singapore. I have had a decent formal education during my time. Thanks to all the veterans of Singapore and especially to those who belonged to the 1st generation of leaders.

You can find out more about my qualifications and experiences at my LinkedIn profile. Please do not expect too much, no big profile though.

In one sentence, I am A life long learner.   A dreamer by nature.   A doer by practice.

A little bit more about me:-
  • Looking at matters in their totality and seeing things beyond their surface value come very naturally for me. 
  • Principles, of Science and of Life, are what I believe in.
  • Keeping a young heart, an active mind and a sustainable body are my way of life.
  • I create, I strive and I accomplish. 
  • I live life to the fullest and I do not want to die with any regrets.
  • I am who I am online and offline.

Although I have various aspects of life, I am still very much the same person guided by values and principles. I appreciate for being alive and to make lives better.

Why am I here?
In this era, people at the age of 50s, are the new 40s. That was commented by some prominent people who are both inside and outside of the medical field. If that is the case, then I am probably only in my new early 30s now, so to speak.

In today's context, if our life expectancy is 80 years of age, then 43 years old is only at the half way mark. With the advancement of science and medicine, who knows what will happen 30 years from now. Will most of us live to 100 years old? Having said that, youthfulness and aging are not only about our mortal shell, but also about our spirit and mindset.

Also in this era, people living in different parts of the world can be connected with each other easily and efficiently. Information are abundant and are easily accessible as well. I strongly feel that we can all come together and achieve a better life, at a greater level, for the future and previous generations, and for ourselves, without the restrictions of the geographical barriers.

As we know, we started our life with zero and will end with zero. The difference is what happened in between.

Therefore, through my online presence, I hope to
  1. meet and attract right minded people with the right attitude, who will together change the world for the better and build a better tomorrow for ourselves too.
  2. share and impart my experiences and knowledge to as many people as possible.
  3. learn from you as well.
Failures to me are just lessons in life. I have countless of them and I am still learning. My philosophy is, Never say die, even after death.

Life is so unpredictable. You may be well one day and fall sick in another day. You may be rich today and find yourself losing everything one day. You may be poor now but you may become rich and successful in the future. You may be full of luck someday but feel miserable in another. You may fall in love one day and lose it in another. You may be the most popular person one day and then no one likes you anymore in another. You may be single now and find yourself in a marriage one day. The list can go on and on and on.

In short, live life to the fullest and die with no regrets. Understand that freedom in life comes with and not without responsibility. Learning is life long and not only during certain age.

Hereby, I shall stop here and I will put up more of my thoughts in my various blogs, Google+ and websites. Circle me and follow me. Get connected with me. Looking forward to have meaningful discussions with you. Nonetheless, I may not be able to engage with everyone of you in real time, but I will do my best.

Thank you for your time.

Ever with the Best

- jaywin chia