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Last updated: Friday, 31st May 2013


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+Jaywin Chia (Mondarlezo)
This is the innotrepreneur aspect of myself. Started since 1996 till as long as I will live.

+Jaywin Chia (Tech Startup) (Page)
Tech Startup related news, events and articles that I find interesting to share or reshare.

+jaywin chia quotes (Startup) (Page)
Motivational, enlightening, wisdom and hard truth quotations about startups that I learned from others and also through my own experiences since 1996.

+Jaywin Chia (Innovation & Science) (Page)
Advanced Technology, Innovations, Science and Space related news that I find interesting to share or reshare.

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Official Google+ Page of Mondarlezo


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Official company website


Its official video channel

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My innotrepreneur aspect video channel